A return to normalilty.

Lina's return isn't heralded with trumpets or fanfare. For her, no real time has passed since she was talking to Courtney in her journal, having finished a nice enjoyable day. There's eating to be done, so she should probably get in touch with Gourry and Amelia. Because food is love! Er, something like that.
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Rassplosion L-sama

Making things right - Dreams

L-sama has had a very, very difficult night. She's finally pieced together what has happened, and is attempting to accept that she should not be here, she should not have acted the way she should, and that she needs to make things right again.

Accepting truths was never easy for her, but some times, there are simply no choices. That night, she goes searching for the minds familiar to her former servant, Lina. The minds of the two she'd run into here - to explain. She looks for Gourry and Amelia's sleeping minds, to offer them one last reassurrance.

And then, she'll leave.
Rassplosion L-sama

[[Locked]] Memories

Such tricky little things, aren't they?

Are mine correct? Or are hers?

Did I actually take my dear Lina too early?

Courtney's done so much, so very very much. I'm so very proud of her will and strength...
Rassplosion L-sama


'Of course! Nothing crazy ever happens to Lina Inverse.'

Lina will eventually regret typing those words to Courtney. It takes a while, but even she is affected by the changes brought around on the Nexus and associated worlds. She doesn't know about them, at first..

But L-sama does. After all, she's the Lady of Nightmares, and eager to use the opportunity to 'borrow' her favorite little servant.

Stubborn, lacking self control?! GRR!

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Gourry found the Nexus, no way!!!

Lina's got a travelling companion again! Or at least, something very similar. It's given her a bit more excitement, a bit more energy, and... well, she's finding it hard to keep up any pretense of seeing him again! She'll probaly have to cover for it by blowing him up a few times or something, but still.

"So this place is pretty good. From the last time I was here, it had a pretty good range of food, just be careful if they offer you the octopus. It usually ends up still moving. Eh-heh."

Not that this would dissuade either of them? Not a chance!