Lina Inverse (lina_inverse) wrote,
Lina Inverse

Courtney: BOOM!

Someplace safe to blow things up. Well, this was going to be as close as they could get. Lina'd had a portal to her world, one that led to a house on a lake. They weren't going to be casting anywhere near the house, oh no. Instead, there's a floating bridge out to the center of the lake, and a platform there. See? This way, it is very unlikely that things will get set on fire too much.

But it's a fireball spell! Definitely it will require some things getting set on fire!
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Courtney teleports in carefully and looks around. This is really pretty. "You live here, Lina? It's really nice..."

((Sorry, by the time I got the email alert, it was after 10 PM and I was like 'sleep...RP....sleep...sleep...'))
"Well, this is the world I live in. It's actually one of the places I learned spells at. The guy who lives in the house is out travelling - but I figured if I was gonna teach you this anywhere, well - the place where I learned it was a good idea, right?"

Lina's not even sure if Courtney _can_ learn how to cast the spell. But gosh darn it, she's gonna give it her best try!
"Okay, cool. So we're going out on the water?" She's actually thinking it looks like a fun place to swim.
"Mn-hmn! The platforms soaked enough so that if we end up just setting ourselves on fire, we'll still be able to get back to dry land." Plus, this means less of a chance to explode anything, woo.

"C'mon! It's not too bad a walk, and really, the lake's pretty calm this time of year." That said, she heads out towrads the bridge, and towards the floating platform in its center!
"Setting ourselves on fire? That would hurt." Luckily she's still missing most of her sense of worry, so she immediately forgets this. She follows with a spring in her step, whistling off-key.
"Very much so. I, however, have come prepared!"

See, here's the other nice thing about the dock - in the center of the platform, there's an etched pentagram - to magic-seeing eyes, it's like a circular chamber that extends up into the sky.

"I was mostly just joking about the setting ourselves on fire thing. The spell that's currently running should make us essentially fireproof. So! Tell me how you do elemental magic in your world? We can try to translate."
"Simpler things are very will-based. I can force something flammable to burn, or put it out. I can't make fire out of nowhere, but once it's started I can control the reaction. I'm better with wind than anything else."
She tilts her head up and closes her eyes, feeling out the magical boundaries with interest.
"Hmn. So how do you make things burn? Do you just heat it up, or is it something to do with those threads that you were talking about last time..?"

Lina's not sure how to get all the worked into an actual teaching - while she may be a prodigy in casting, teaching others is a hard work indeed.

"We could start by using something you can set on fire, and working until there's less and less of it to use.. See what the minimum amount you need to do it is, then from there, try to go lower."